About Us - Ruthie's Novel Fashions

Ruthie's Novel Fashions wants to bring you clothes that bring a confident smile to your face when you are walking out the door.  We currently have a focus on basics, such as basic tops, tank tops, and sweaters. You will also find several fun and pretty patterned tops, kimonos, outdoor wear and accessories. We hope you find our clothing to be something you can hang out in, camp in, garden in, wear to the office, and/or go for a night out in. Comfort and Confidence - What we wear really can change our day.

Hi, I am Ruth and I have had a dream of owning my own clothing store for years.  It was finally time to listen to my heart and nurture my soul doing what I enjoy. 

I love helping women round out their wardrobes - finding that perfect missing piece. Do you ever grab a skirt, pants or leggings that you wanted to wear, and realize "oh, right, I STILL don't have a top that goes with this".  Or maybe the only top you had to wear with it has a coffee stain, or it hasn’t fit for years (and why do you still have that top?)!!  Maybe you just want a new top - I hope you find what you are looking for, or what you didn't even know you were looking for, right here, online at Ruthie's Novel Fashions.

You can also find us online, Instagram and Facebook (links at bottom of page).